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Back in 2008 we started with a pair of gloves and a dream , we were looking to build something that had outstanding quality , being fighters ourselves we also wanted to make something affordable and authentic that showed style and was powerful to wear. we noticed  the quality available at the time wasnt up to standard for fight gear  , we set upon a mission to make our own standard which was to make outstanding boxing gear and equipment. 

In november 2012, After 4 years of testing and sampling hundreds of gloves and spending over a hundred thousand dollars in savings we created our first ever boxing glove which was made with high quality cow hide leather . This glove was made with high density foam which was perfect for hand protection and comfort as that was our priority , rhis made it perfect for fighters who were in training hence our slogan which is "made for fighters" 

In 2013 , The first fighter to wear our gloves was former world IBF champion Austin "no doubt" Trout , while in camp for the Miguel Cotto fight Austin agreed to use our gloves for his fight preparation which changed our company forever , he loved the Killa gloves and gear so much he displayed it in his training camp. From that time onwards we continued to improve the same gloves and gear every year using the same mold but improve our padding and materials , in the last 4 years we have repeated the same meticulous process of development and research with all our equipment and apparel through Innovation and Technology.



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FLOYD MAYWEATHER SR doing some work in his Killa Boxing Gloves